Saṃsāra - संसार (ACT I)

Saṃsāra means the passage through continuous states of mundane existence, a circuit of living where one wanders from one life to another life with no particular direction or purpose. Each rebirth is impermanent, and to liberate oneself from its cycle, one must understand the insight of impermanence and non-self reality. 

ACT I reflects the rebirth, beginning in the ancient city of Benares, India. It is here where the notion of Saṃsāra was unveiled visually through the deep relationship between man and religion. Devotees, living and near death, practice rituals with great fervor and self-sacrifice, within their own beliefs and decisions, in the name of the heavens above and to achieve liberation from the cycle of life.

The photographs reflect my initial understanding and the subsequent quest to know more of Saṃsāra through the individuals and events that I had interacted with along my journey. 

(Project on-going)

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