Fuelled by an enduring passion for humanity and personal identities, I’ve been following the ebbs and flow of daily life for the past four years. This has led me to meet and document, individuals and communities as far as the holy Hindu Aghoris from the Pyres of Varanasi, to the inner world of cosplaying in the heartlands of Singapore, my own country. Through photography I talk and listen to the people’s experiences, I understand their happiness, and their hardships. With these relationships forged and a glimpse of their wisdom received, I pass on their stories with you.

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Selected Clients

Canon Asia
M & C Saatchi
Royal Brunei Airlines
Club Med
Amazon Singapore
Wing Tai Clothings
G2000 (Singapore)


  • 2021: PhMuseum Top Picks of 2021, PhMuseum, UK 
  • 2021: Photos of Cosplayers Between the Worlds of Fiction and Reality, Vice Asia, Singapore
  • 2021: Alvin Ng; 'The World Within...', Pupil Sphere, UK
  • 2021: Issue No. 07, 'Unorthodox' by Pearl Press, USA (Group Curation) 
  • 2018: The Nine Emperor Gods Festival Holds One of the Most Epic Processions in Singapore, Rice Media, Singapore

Selected Exhibitions / Mentions

  • 2022: Lenscratch Favourite Photographs of 2021, Online
  • 2021: Humble Arts Foundation #69 Group Show, Online
  • 2021: Life Framer 'The Face of the Earth' Photo Competition Editor's Pick, Online
  • 2020: The Last Minute Group Show, Singapore 
  • 2016: Noise Singapore Festival, Singapore 

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