The Road Up (Ongoing)

“It is both formless and definite like water, 
temperamental like the wind, 
the light that guides with clarity but yet, blinding. 
The darkness that is both foreboding and intriguing, 
the warm presence of a lover in a stranger.”

The Road Up is an ongoing visual reflection of my connection to the world around me. This journey begins along the burning pyres of Varanasi, a sacred space where the dead are cremated so their soul will attain Moksha, salvation from the cycle of life. Since then it has led me to seek wisdom to understand the connection between myself and the world around me from the teachings of the Buddhist doctrines, Anitya (Impermanence), Samsara (Cycle of life) and the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of wisdom.

What learned from the teachings laid the foundation of this reflection, spanning beyond borders and definitions, witnessing the state of deconstruction and reconstruction of both knowledge and life, creating a new understanding towards impermanence, and establishing a deeper connection between myself and the natural world and its order.

At some points in my life, I struggled to define the purpose of my existence in this world, taking any paths that offer momentary guidance, attaching myself to ideas, people and things that are impermanent by nature. When these ends, I find myself feeling trapped in a gorge, clinging on to its ragged sides as my attachments and fear of change, battles against the swift, unrelenting current of the swirling water.

But after all the cycles of conflicts, I have come to embrace the perils of the raging water; for it does not heed the illusional destinations and courses created by myself, but rather, it guides me through the unknown ebbs and flows of life.

*Work in progress*  

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