The Road Up (Ongoing)

The Road Up is an ongoing visual expression of lessons learned from the Buddhist’s doctrines of the Cycle of Life (Samsara) and Impermanence (Anitya). These lessons were first observed along the banks of the Ganges river in Varanasi, the ancient Hindu holy city.

There it lays the foundation of a duality of realities. The first reflects Man’s quest to seek Salvation through selfless devotion to practices one deems to be the ‘true’ way, the constant state of construction and destruction of self-identities in the quest to understand ourselves and the meaning of our short existence in the grandeur of the world.

The second reflects Man’s ignorance of the reaction of their actions; a path centered on the dominion of self, where others and the natural world are at one’s bidding, constructing a space of permanence and immortality for themselves and others as a reminder of their actions.

Just like the roads we take daily, we know not what the destination of the future holds, and the past is merely a memory of our actions that leads us to the present, a moment in time where anything is possible, and new knowledge exists at every turn we choose to make.

*Attending lessons, work in progress*

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