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"Driven by an unwavering passion for humanity's journey of self-discovery and the enigmatic realms of spirituality, I have spent the past six years immersed in the ebb and flow of daily life. This profound exploration has brought me face-to-face with diverse worlds, from the mystical Hindu Aghoris at the pyres of Varanasi to unraveling ancient legends of gods and men, all within the context of the modern world.

As a photographic artist, I employ the medium of photography to interweave the threads of antiquity and modernity. Through meticulous hand-manipulation of photographic prints and the fusion of mythical narratives, I embark on imaginative, non-linear storytelling that transcends the constraints of time. The resulting images are imbued with an aura of intimacy and mystery, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate relationships between humankind, the natural world, and the fluidity of time."

Alvin Ng, a Southeast Asian photographic artist and educator currently based in Singapore, formally channels these creative expressions. His works embody the merging of past and present, utilizing hand-manipulated prints to delve into the rich tapestry of Humanity's mythic heritage. With an aim to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, Alvin's art invites viewers on a journey that transcends temporal boundaries.

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Selected Clients

  • The Smart Local 
  • The National Library Board of Singapore
  • Rice Media 
  • Klook
  • Canon Asia
  • M & C Saatchi
  • Royal Brunei Airlines
  • Club Med Resorts
  • Amazon Singapore
  • Wing Tai Clothings
  • G2000 (Singapore)
  • Lo & Behold Group
  • Monocle


  • 2023: Wonderful Machine: Spirit in the Material World: Alvin Ng for Monocle
  • 2023: Der Greif - Guest Room: Daniel Boetker-Smith & Tanvi Mishra, online
  • 2023: Weekend Portfolio feature on Musée Magazine, online
  • 2023: Photographing The Metaphysical, With Alvin Ng, Darklight_Art, online
  • 2022: Samsara — Departure and Reinvention on Lensculture, online
  • 2022: Project 'Samsara' featured on Discarded Magazine, online
  • 2022: Project 'Samsara' as Story of the Week, PhMuseum, UK
  • 2021:  'A World Within...' as PhMuseum Top Picks of 2021, PhMuseum, UK 
  • 2021: Photos of Cosplayers Between the Worlds of Fiction and Reality, Vice Asia, Singapore
  • 2021: Alvin Ng; 'A World Within...', Pupil Sphere, UK
  • 2021: Issue No. 07, 'Unorthodox' by Pearl Press, USA (Group Curation) 
  • 2018: The Nine Emperor Gods Festival Holds One of the Most Epic Processions in Singapore, Rice Media, Singapore


  • 2024: Finalist for Fstoppers Architecture Photography Contest, (online)
  • 2023: Longlisted for Foam Talent Call 2023
  • 2022: Winner of Geste Paris Open Call for Paris Photo Festival 2022, Paris, France
  • 2022: Top 10 Recipient of the Lensculture Critics' Awards 2022 
  • 2022: Shortlisted for the Nera di Verzasca Prize 2022, Switzerland
  • 2022: Shortlisted for the Rotterdam Photo Festival 2022 XL, Netherlands 
  • 2022: Lenscratch Favourite Photographs of 2021, Online 

Selected Exhibitions / Mentions

  • 2024: PhMuseum Days International Photography Festival, Bologna, Italy (Upcoming) 
  • 2024: Exhibited at Alma Medana, Medana, Slovenia (Group Exhibition) 
  • 2023: Exhibited at the BJP for OpenWalls Arles, Arles, France (Group Exhibition)
  • 2023: Exhibited at Kranj Photo Festival 2023, Kranj, Slovenia (Group Exhibition)
  • 2023: Exhibited at London Photo Festival 2023, London, UK (Group Exhibition)
  • 2023: Exhibited at Bull & Stein Gallery, Porto, Portugal (Group Exhibition) 
  • 2022: Exhibited at Geste Paris for Paris Photo Festival, Paris, France (Group Exhibition)
  • 2022: Video Projection Showcase at PhEST Festival Internazionaledi Fotografia, Monopoli, Italy
  • 2022: Exhibited at Helsinki Photo Festival 2022, Finland 
  • 2021: Humble Arts Foundation #69 Group Show, Online
  • 2021: Life Framer 'The Face of the Earth' Photo Competition Editor's Pick, Online
  • 2020: The Last Minute Group Show, Singapore 
  • 2016: Noise Singapore Festival, Singapore 

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